The Vehicle Info section is used to enter information about the vehicle and proposed financial terms of the loan. The Vehicle Info page is divided into four sections:

Vehicle Information
  • Vehicle Type
  • Make and Model
  • Vehicle Value
  • Vehicle Sales Price
  • Vehicle License
  • Vehicle Color
  • Vehicle Options
  • NADA/KBB Info - You have the option to type in the information or import information from NADA or KBB via the its Lookup.

Loan Information
  • Total Car Value
  • Amt. Requested
  • Proposed Approved Amount
  • Down Payment
  • Loan Term (months)
  • Purpose Type - Purpose of the loan.
  • Max Advance
  • Max Advance Value
  • Inspected By
  • Inspected Date

Trade-In Information
If the applicant intends to make a trade-in, enter the trade-in vehicle information in this section. The financial information will be use to calculate the Total Car Price.
  • Trade VIN
  • Trade Make
  • Trade Model
  • Trade Year
  • Trade Type - Vehicle type of the trade-in.
  • Trade Value
  • Trade Payoff
  • TradePayment

Other Information
These fields are used to adjust the Total Car Price, which is based on the Vehicle Value. The (+)plus and (-)minus symbols in parentheses indicate whether the amount entered in the field is added to or subtracted from the Total Car Price, respectively.

For example, if the vehicle the consumer is purchasing is valued at $8,000, and the applicant intends to trade in their existing car that has a value of $1,000, the Total Car Price would be $8,000 - $1,000 = $7,000.00.

  • (-) Trade Allowance - The amount owed on the trade-in.
  • (-) Rebate
  • (+) Tax
  • (+) License
  • (+) Additional Items
  • (+) Credit Life
  • (+) Credit Disability
  • (+) Debt Cancellation
  • (+) GAP
  • (+) Service Contract
  • Total Car Price - Total car price after vehicle value, trade allowance, tax, credit life insurance, credit disability, gap insurance, and service contract has been included.